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Reactions to Men Talking


"The end, as it inevitably must be, is a way of recollecting emotion with emotion. An inspiring act of witness, before others, and beyond ourselves." Simon Jenner, Fringe Review, 

Read Simon's full review here

“It was an empowering and supportive event and I really enjoyed the opportunity to create, share and perform with a group of very passionate and lovely people’ P.T. Performer


'Speaking about my injustices in such public setting is cathartic.' J.E.E. Performer


'Humbled to be able to voice a man who simply wanted to talk, hoping that those who watched felt more at ease to speak up and share their feelings in the future. Strength and bravery is in talking, not in remaining silent.' J.R. Performer


‘Phenomenal work!’ M.Y. Audience member

'A moment to speak the truth and share the pain, priceless'. T.L. Performer


‘What a fabulous evening’ S.C. Audience member


‘What a brilliant evening. Well done to all’ N.D. Audience member


‘I’ve just witnessed a fantastic event which has been dedicated to men’s mental health. Solidarity to the men who felt brave enough to either write a special piece or perform a special piece dedicated to men’s mental health’ S.C. Audience member


‘It was a privilege to take part in such a powerful event. So many aspects of mental health were explored - and I was pleased to be able to introduce the Greek poet Cavafy, whose poem tell us that our life experience gets richer and more satisfying, the older we get.’ S.M. Performer


‘Although some of us had only met that evening, the welcoming and open atmosphere created a palpable feeling of camaraderie and kinship amongst the performers and audience.’ S.C. Performer


'it was an honour to help bring these stories to life on stage - we men need to learn to speak up so our voices and needs are heard” C.W. Tech team

'Men Talking is a warm, necessary and accessible experience which puts egos to one side, whilst encouraging truth, honesty and love between whoever is participating and the audience. Personally, I was positively moved

 emotionally'. D.H. Performer


‘Very exciting to be asked to help co-produce this event by the producers of WOMXN TALKING. The whole journey from marketing to the final event was a very personal and authentic journey for everybody involved. The evening provided an interesting amount of performance and heart felt storytelling that was very moving and touched each member of the audience. With a mixture of male actors and ‘lived experience’ men openly telling their stories. It was a unique, inspirational and very memorable show which touched many hearts. I cannot wait for the HUMXN TALKING’ M.C. Co-producer.

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