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tríada is a Greco-British theatre company tackling big social issues in small, intimate, diverse spaces. We create immersive performances that provoke thought and incite conversation by dealing with the truths of the human condition. We select and perform for our audiences an array of comic, dramatic and political plays that are timeless and universal, ’discussing’ everyday issues such as relationships, family, society, love and trust. By operating in people’s 'personal space', we aim to subvert the notion of temporary suspension of disbelief, instead provoking audiences to believe, react and respond to man’s inhumanity to man.

Moreover, we specifically aim to create an environment where marginalised artists due to race, ethnicity, gender identity, ageism and disability can feel welcome and safe to come and create their work and connect within the local artistic community and people.


triada also offers the opportunity to host a performance in your own home or chosen space such as galleries and multi-use artistic venues, bringing live theatre in your own personal space. To find out more click here


triada is led by producer and actress/writer Fenia Gianni and a creative team of directors, artistic directors, writers and actors consisting of Angela Dezlein, Simon Hart, Matt Turpin and John Newcombe. We welcome expressions of interest from other creatives to join us in our artistic vision.

Mission vision & values

triada is guided by six central values







We believe that theatre can:

  • Bring people together 

  • Improve people's well-being and resilience

  • Create a safe space for people to be educated and receive support in social and mental health issues

  • Create an environment for creatives and academics that encourages artistic experimentation, collaboration and creativity.

Our primary vision is to raise awareness of social and mental health issues and improve people’s well-being by bringing the arts to the community. 


We seek to produce socially impactful and exciting new work by diverse voices to educate, raise awareness and build community in our city, our country and around the world.

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