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The Mercy Seat, by Neal Labute
A controversial, American drama about morality, sex and national catastrophe.

A first time collaboration between tríada theatre company and Artistic Director Fenia Gianni,
with director/writer Sam Chittenden from DifferenT Theatre.
Featuring Miles Mlambo and Fenia Gianni.

September 2001. The world has changed overnight. But what has devasted New York
presents Ben and Abby with an opportunity. Will they create a new life for themselves and
add to the hurt around them, or do they no longer care enough even to rescue each other? A
vicious war of the sexes played out in real time against a backdrop of terror.
Nihilistic yet brutally honest, The Mercy Seat is ultimately a story about ordinary, imperfect
people. Two lonely people who, at a time of global turmoil, are still defined by their own
inadequacies, fears and egos.

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