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‘Groundbreaking Work”
Fringe Review, July 3, 2022 by Simon Jenner

‘What renders this production disturbing, groundbreaking is portable property. Triada Theatre don’t so much break a fourth wall as pick it up, port it and enter your home with it intact’


“The force of this play owes something to the intimate torture of Ionesco’s 1951 The Lesson and C P Taylor’s 1981 Good, with the slow collapse of another cultured doctor into Nazidom and death camps, with music again as metaphor.”


‘Gianni owns Paulina’s fierceness: her register inevitably contrasts with the British mildness of both Turpin and Newcombe, underscoring their characters’ human paucity in the blaze of one woman’s headlong pursuit of justice and expiation. This can happen inches from you, even where you live. Groundbreaking. Do see this.’

Fringe Review, February 12, 2022 by Strat Mastoris

Triada’s use of domestic settings is a brilliant concept’


‘triada Theatre Company are certainly showing us the way. The company present small-scale theatre productions in people’s own homes, to a limited audience of family and friends. As their programme notes put it – ‘Tackling big issues in small spaces we create intimate, immersive experiences that provoke thought and incite conversation; changing the world one living room at a time’


‘A very feminist play. Of the three characters, the only one with any moral fibre is the woman, Paulina. She alone has the integrity that both the men are sadly lacking. I’m sure of that because I believed in them all as real people, there in front of me. See – I really did want Paulina to shoot the bastard . . .’

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