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Audience reactions

‘Womxn Talking was unlike anything I have seen or experienced before. Each story was so different and conveyed so authentically it was impossible not to be touched to the core. It was a truly moving and empowering experience.’
~ Carla

‘The atmosphere held a therapeutic intimacy meaning I felt privileged to be a part of these stories. The range of which ran from heart-rending anguish to mad-cap absurdity. Some were so captivating, I had to keep reminding myself that these were personal experiences! In short, Womxn Talking made for a powerful and memorable experience.’

~ Francis

‘It was very powerful to listen to how the 12 women shared their different stories about love, death, sex and relationships. I felt emotionally touched, especially by some stories that were very close to my own heart. The courage to tell and share very intimate experiences in catharsis storytelling made it a healing and powerful emotional experience. I would love to see more of this! Thankyou.’

  ~ Lena

I had a wonderful evening at Womxn Talking. It was a great format, and the subjects were rich and varied, delivered by women from all walks of life. It was particularly emotional listening to stories that I related to personally and enlightening listening to those that I had little experience with. The audience was completely absorbed by the topics, and I was one of a great many in tears, at various points. I'll look forward to future events! 

  ~ Katie Kirby, Author

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