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Fringe Review, May 2023 by Strat Mastoris

The show’s Director Sascha Cooper got powerful performances from every member of her cast – the action is frenetic and the pace never lets up.    triada theatre is a Greco-British company tackling big social issues in intimate, diverse spaces.  It speaks volumes for triada’s power, that they can produce the madcap energy of this Dario Fo farce, when the last time I saw them they were giving us the brooding intensity of Arial Dorfman’s ‘Death And The Maiden’.

In the Dorfman play, the audience waited breathlessly to see whether Fenia Gianni’s Paulina Sallas would kill John Newcombe’s Dr Miranda, the torturer from her past.   In this production the audience was constantly convulsed by laughter at Gianni’s attempts to avoid her increasingly weird explanations being caught out by Newcombe’s Inspector … and his moustache.

At the end, the whole cast stood before us, fists raised, and actors and audience joined together to hammer out the play’s message –

Can’t Pay!, Won’t Pay!.  Can’t Pay!, Won’t Pay!.  Can’t Pay!, Won’t Pay!.

What a range.  What a company.

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