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The Cast

John Newcombe

Dr Roberto Miranda

Dr.Miranda is a physician. He has practiced medicine for the last 20 years. He is from Chile and lives with his family of wife and 2 children. He is 50 years old. He loves reading Nietzsche and has a passion for classical music.


John Newcombe portrays the enigmatic Dr. Miranda.  John is an actor/musician with a lifelong passion for theatre. He developed his stage experience in the 80’s and 90’s with Sussex theatre groups: The Rother Players, The West Sussex County Players, and Brighton’s Breakthrough Theatre group. He was twice awarded best actor in the Brighton and Hove arts council drama competition for his portrayals of Buddy in Neil Simon’s Come Blow Your Horn, and Colin in Alan Ayckbourn’s Absent Friends. John launched his professional career after graduating from drama school in 2019.

Fenia Gianni

Paulina Salas

Paulina Salas is the wife of the lawyer and politician Gerardo Escobar. She is 43 years old. She lives in Chile and comes from an affluent family. She studied medicine but never finished her degree. She loves classical music and reading literature.

Fenia Gianni portrays the dynamic Paulina Salas. Fenia is a Greek, bilingual professional actress represented by Nic Knight Management in London. Fenia has been acting on stage for over 12 years with a diverse repertoire of classical, contemporary and physical movement plays such as ‘Bald Prima Donna’ by Ionesco, ‘Love and information’ by Carol Churchill, ‘Filumena Marturano’ by Eduardo De Filippo, ‘Medea’ by Bost and ‘Our Country’s Good’ by Timberlake Wertenbaker. For the last few years, she is also focusing on screen acting having completed a number of short films, commercials and voice over work for video games. Fenia completed her 2-year acting degree in the Academy of Creative Training and trained in dance and physical movement. She’s a former black belt martial artist and professional athlete.

Matt Turpin

Gerado Escobar

Gerardo Escobar is an aspiring politician. He is married to Paulina Salas and lives in Chile. He is 40 years old. He has studied and practiced law for the last 15 years. He writes on the local newspaper and is an advocate of human rights.


Matt Turpin portrays the controversial politician Gerardo Escobar. An actor and director known for his versatility, Matt has a strong theatre background gaining experience through various theatre and film companies and in a wide range of roles. 

Matt’s recent credits have included Gangster No.1 (Prometheus Films), Jane Eyre (Wateryard Theatre), Britain’s Most Evil Killers (Woodgate Media), The Death of Ivan Ilyich (Brighton Fringe), Here at Last is Love (Stables Theatre), The Ghostlight (George Lassos the Moon) and has recently performed as Macbeth for the National Trust.

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