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Can't Pay Won't Pay, Dario Fo - 2023

We chose to continue our stage performances this season with ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’, a dynamic fast comedy by Nobel prize winner Italian playwright Dario Fo. A modern adaptation of a classic political farce, to today’s England cost of living crisis.


The scope of our new production is to ‘discuss’ important social issues of our times such as poverty, economic crisis and population mental health through the theatrical lens of comedy to allow the audience to experience relief and catharsis through laughing. Moreover, we chose a play that allows the audience to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves, but the same time get sensitised and become more aware of how societal pressures such as is a high energy prices and cost of living affecting our neighbours, our families, our relationships and ourselves.

With a distinctive, diverse use of space, a unparalleled comedic timing and a Monty Python absurd style, tríada aims to create a new experience for our audiences, in a live, almost cinematic approach, while embracing the classic British comedy.

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